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In this site visitors can discover projects and tutorials applying to microcontrollers. The name of the website is borrowed by the coined term micro-computational thinking (μCT), which has been originally described in Wiley’s book:

“Microcontroller Prototypes with Arduino and a 3D Printer: Learn, Program, Manufacture” by Bolanakis, D.E.

 The  μCT  term does not entirely differentiate from the existing computational thinking (CT) concept.  Rather…

“The μCT term is addressed to reveal the thought processes involved in the solutions, carried out by a microcomputer.”

Source codes and examples used within the book, as well as additional projects on Arduino using 3D printing technology, can be found on this site. 

Find the book at: Microcontroller Prototypes with Arduino and a 3D Printer: Learn, Program, Manufacture | Wiley

Microcontroller Prototypes with Arduino and a 3D Printer

Microcontroller Prototypes with Arduino and a 3D Printer: Learn, Program, Manufacture delivers a comprehensive guide to learning microcontrollers that’s perfectly suited to educators, researchers, and manufacturers. The book provides readers with a seasoned expert’s perspective on the process of microcomputer programming and application development. Carefully designed and written example code and explanatory figures accompany the text, helping the reader fully understand and retain the concepts described within. 

The book focuses on demonstrating how to craft creative and innovative solutions in embedded systems design by providing practical and illustrative methods and examples. The present accompanying website includes functioning and tested source code and learning exercises and the book relies on freeware development tools for the creation of firmware and software code, 3D printed enclosures, and debugging. It allows the reader to work with modern sensors and collect sensor data to a host PC for offline analysis. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: 

  • A thorough introduction to the art of embedded computers, including their interdisciplinarity, TPACK analysis, and the impact of microcontroller technology on the maker industry 
  • An exploration of embedded programming with Arduino, including number representation and special-function codes and C common language reference 
  • A discussion of hardware interfaces with the outside world, including digital pin interface, analog pin interface, UART serial interface, I2C, and SPI 
  • A treatment of sensors and data acquisition, including environmental measurements with Arduino Uno, orientation and motion detection with Teensy, gesture recognition with TinyZero, and color sensing with Micro:bit

Perfect for researchers and undergraduate students in electrical and electronic engineering or computer engineering, Microcontroller Prototypes with Arduino and a 3D Printer: Learn, Program, Manufacture will also earn a place in the libraries of hardware engineers, embedded system designers, system engineers, and electronic engineers.